Jessica sazo films


Marketing a luxury home gets a bit more tricky. Your potential home buyer may be too busy working, or maybe they are an international buyer who can not make it to the open house. Let's face it, no agent loves doing a showing at 8pm or at 9am on Saturday morning. A video allows you to bring the property to the public anytime, anywhere!

By adding an aerial, interior, and exterior video like the one below you will be able to capture the attention to many more potential home buyers. Catching the interest of more potential buyers you will get multiple offers, and we all know what that means, SOLD!

Don't wait until your listing becomes stale. Remember, first impressions and quality are key components for successful marketing exposure and a quick sale.

My cinematography package includes:

  • Pre-Production Plan
  • Production (Interior, and Exterior. Aerial shoot if desired)
  • Post Production
  • Full High Definition Video & Instagram Clip